Reimbursement Policy (with sample forms)

It is not unusual for pastors and other church staff to be reimbursed for work-related expenses such as mileage, conference travel expenses, books or other resources, and more. A healthy church has a reimbursement policy in place with each employee’s signature acknowledging they have seen the reimbursement plan and understand the rules and guidelines. For internal controls, it is important that the reimbursement requests are submitted to at least one or more authorized persons within the church before payments are made.

stack of receipts

The reimbursement policy should establish what types of expenses the church is willing to reimburse along with a deadline for requests to be submitted. It is also important for employees to submit receipts with all requests.

See our Sample Church Reimbursement Policy along with a reimbursement expense request and mileage report form. Feel free to copy/edit it and make it your own.