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Managing Church Finances in these Times – Giving Platforms

Giving Platforms.

These Times 2

Does your head spin at how in just a few short months, our world, as we know it, has turned upside down? State of the Plate, conducted a nationwide constituency poll and found that 2/3 of churches were experiencing a serious downturn in giving. Of course, this is greatly affected by unemployment. The average church in America has a budget of $125,000/year, of which 50% is attributable to personnel expense.

Some churches are experiencing an increase in giving during this time. For some, the giving is normal. And others are seeing a downturn in giving. It’s a time when conventional church financial management may need to be examined carefully to ascertain whether different management tools need to be focused on during this time.

Those churches who were already using online giving, have seen less change in their giving. Those relying on traditional giving methods of checks and offerings on Sunday are struggling more. Some ideas for your church to establish consistent and on-going giving might include:

  • Provide self-addressed, stamped envelopes to members
  • Establish an on-line giving platform on your website
  • Establish a smart phone APP where your members can give

Our bookkeeping platform, Xero, integrates with several on-line and app giving platforms. The Stripe App is fully integrated with Xero so that every contribution is tracked to the member and entered automatically into your bookkeeping. Your givers can set up automatic, recurring giving as well.

Other providers you may want to consider are PayPal, or Lifeway. There are many more from which to choose.

Check out GoodBooks or click here to book an appointment to establish your bookkeeping with GoodBooks. We will help you practically automate your bookkeeping AND establish a giving account with Stripe to help your church connect with your givers during these unusual times and going forward in the future.