Leading Remotely – Part 3: Tips for Productive Working – Virtually

Leading Remotely – Part 3: Tips for Productive Working – Virtually


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Chad Williams, CEO of Journity share with us at a recent “virtual ministry conference” and I loved his work tips!

Working from home can sometimes just be hard. So how do we optimize our productivity?

  1. Whether you have “meetings” planned or not for the day – shower and put on pants! You’ll just get more done!Laptop, Park
  2. Avoid time-wasters. Set up the coffee pot the night before, make a list at the end of each day for tomorrow and hit the road running!
  3. Change your scenery – so you can’t go into the office – does that mean you can’t take your laptop and work on the patio? Or maybe even the park? Do you have a local co-worker … meet at the coffee shop to work.
  4. Do take breaks. If you have to, set a timer on your phone to get up mid-morning and mid-afternoon from your desk.  Perhaps download a 3-minute stretch app and break up the day every hour or so.
  5. Shut the door on your way out of your “office” at the end of the day and don’t go back. It will all be there tomorrow!

Was that so hard – try these tips this week and see how much better your days go!

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