Leading Remotely – Part 2: Maintaining Your Sanity

Leading Remotely – Part 2: Maintaining Your Sanity


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I had the pleasure recently of attending a “virtual” ministry conference from the comfort of my own office.  I “attended” a seminar by Chad Williams, CEO of Journity and I would like to share with you more of his takeaways that he so aptly provided.

Working from home can mean constant interruption (kids are remote schooling, toddlers are toddling, your spouse is working from home, Amazon is ringing the doorbell…). So what are some things you can do to maintain your sanity?

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  1. Have a door you can shut for your workspace at home.
  2. Get some natural light in the room … i.e. windows!
  3. Think ergonomics. If your company hasn’t provided ergonomic equipment, invest in yourself. It will pay off!
  4. Make it yours, with décor, creature comforts and work tools.
  5. Use two monitors! It will change your life!
  6. Do not use the bedroom! Some places need to remain personal!

Did you know retail “pant” sales have gone way done since the “pandemic” struck? Keep a clean shirt and a hairbrush near the desk and you are ready to seize the day!

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