Financial Stewardship for Churches means Good Church Bookkeeping

Our mission is small church bookkeeping. At GoodBooks, we help small churches maintain clean, accurate and up-to-date financial records. Our founder, Lee Ann Crockett, has worked with many churches of varying sizes and has seen just how hard it is to keep “good books”! We will train you to steward, manage and understand your finances and the picture they’re painting. We love church bookkeeping!

Convert to Xero

Our system is powered by Xero’s cloud accounting platform — a super small church financial software. Whether you have no books, use QuickBooks, or other bookkeeping software, we can get you transferred to Xero in no time. Xero is the best bookkeeping software for small churches. Our TripleR Process at GoodBooks allows you to keep stress-free church books and saves you lots of time each month! Xero simplifies your church bookkeeping, improves your efficiency, adds security and results in excellent financial information. We offer GoodBooks Learning Center and support so you can get up and running seamlessly.  Get Started with Xero or QBO Today!

Our TripleR Process: Record. Reconcile. Report.

When it comes to church finances, there are unique tax, reporting, and compliance issues that need to be addressed. Many churh leaders, volunteers and church staff don’t have the financial expertise and background to manage these small church bookkeeping issues with confidence. That’s where GoodBooks comes in. Lee Ann and the team will teach you how to manage your church bookkeeping using the TripleR System – Record, Reconcile, Report. This process keeps your church bookkeeping squeaky clean and allows you to see what’s really going on.


Through GoodBooks you can access our full service payroll partner, Gusto. This means you will never have to worry about IRS compliance or paying your employees on time. GoodBooks and Gusto offer you full-service payroll with dedicated and certified CHRM HR professionals and Concierge Service all for just $39/month + $6/employee. You can run payroll as many times as you need during the month and corrections are easy! Gusto offers the best church payroll services.


In order to keep your documentation and data up-to-date, you can add our Document Fetching/Data Extraction service for only $20/month. This means even less time spent on your small church bookkeeping.

Protect Against Fraud

Lee Ann Crockett has worked with many churches to deal with and deter theft and embezzlement. Unfortunately, one-third of churches in the US will experience embezzlement. You can read more about this in Lee Ann’s book titled Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting. The important part to note here is that it can and does happen, but you can implement internal systems and controls to help prevent it. We’ll work with you to keep your financials clear, accurate and transparent.

Record. Reconcile. Report ….. RELAX!

We will help you streamline your admin and accounting processes, provide you with Xero Subscription, Xero Training and a Church Financial Knowledge database for $39.95/month with free onboarding. You’ll also have access to church bookkeeping experts and can add-on payroll, document fetching/data extraction and a quarterly or annual review.

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